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This Tuscany culinary program has been designed for lovers of Tuscany, Italy, food, wine, laughing, enjoying the countryside, art and much much more. Seven days are really only a drop in a huge ocean of gastronomical delights. We do our best to share with you some of the highlights of this wonderful region of Italy, through its food, its people, its wine, the arts and crafts and of course the wonderful scenery and important history.

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We want you to feel at home here with us, the accomodations are very welcoming, the estate owners charming and our chefs are second to none. They all have a relaxed manner and love to meet new groups, sharing with them during the week spent together lots of invaluable tips, tricks and new methods to enable you to recreate these hearty Tuscan dishes at home. Participants in the culinary adventure will spend many hands on hours perfecting the skills of Tuscan cooking in one of our two kitchens on the estate. In each of the 4 cooking days you will create between 5 and 6 different dishes and of course enjoy a fantastic lunch or dinner at the end, benefiting from the fruits of your labour! We only use the freshest, most seasonal produce in our courses and requests are welcome. We do our best to cater to your special dietary requirements.

We have personally designed the week including our preferred restaurants, the hidden parts of Tuscany, the most personable guides and really trying to show you the 'other' Tuscany. One completely different to that explored on your own or on a hop on hop off bus tour. Sometimes we change the day classes to evening classes to allow for extra excursions or time spent relaxing by the pool.

This culinary program is ideal for those who want the perfect combination of cooking, eating, relaxing and enjoying a good 'sprinkle' of everything Tuscan. We cater to family groups, honeymoon couples, singles and the more elderly traveller. For those who are not wanting to participate in the actual cooking, we have our 'non participant' program which means that all of the other activities and excursions, dinners, all of the meals created by the cooking class participants can be enjoyed but they dont actually cook. Everyone is welcome and we find that any individual with a common love for food and wine always get on well. People form lasting friendships during the week and we often have tears when it comes to the time to say goodbye.

We can arrange for extensions if you would like to stay on for more days and continue cooking or exploring and if you plan to head off to Venice, Rome, Cinque Terre or the Amalfi Coast we can also assist you in your continuing travel needs.

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