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Biking Week on 25th June

Exploring Tuscany by bike offers an unmatchable opportunity to experience the stunning landscapes, the ancient castles and beautiful villas. After a hard day of pedal pushing, you can return to your accommodation on-site at the 13th century Villa Pandolfini. You don't experience thrills like this on a crowded tour bus!

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Tuscany is rightly known as one of the most breath-taking and must-see destinations in the world. It has everything to offer from stunning villas and castles, breath-taking scenery, a wide array of landscapes, fauna and flora, the best food and wine around, and of course, world-famed art.

It is estimated by UNESCO that Florence holds around 60% of the world's best art. And when you spy the stunning natural landscape, you can easily see why so many artists have been inspired by this area, the cradle of the Renaissance.

This is Italy's most densely forested region, with about 1 million hectares of forest land. There are 2 national parks in Tuscany (out of only 8 in the entire country) as well as abundant nature reserves, and many animals abound in the forest areas. Perhaps amongst the pines and oak trees, you will spy a cinghiale (Tuscany's wild - but shy - boar) or even a rare Golden Eagle.

And there is nothing like seeing the famed rolling hills up-close and personal as you experience the exhilaration of Tuscany by bike or on foot. From the sea, to untouched forest land, high mountains and rivers cutting through deep valleys, from Etruscan and Roman ruins through to the top-end names in to-the-minute fashion, Tuscany is like a microcosm of all things great!

With our Tuscany bike tours, we will show you the true Tuscany, spanning from its Etruscan history through to the present day; from the beautiful unchanged landscapes, the ancient ruins and the still lived-in castles and villas which captivate our senses daily.

Life is in the details, so aside from dining in the best restaurants, we also like to enjoy the smaller details like pausing for a coffee, Italian-style in a little coffee shop in the midst of a tiny ancient village, or perhaps you'd prefer a glass of the world's best wine from grapes grown on the sloping hills and pressed in ancient cellars as has been done throughout the centuries.

Our Tuscan journeys showcase our homeland in a way that brings you back to the simple pleasures - the wind in your hair, the untouched landscapes sprawled out before you, Tuscany off the beaten track.

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