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History of the Villa Pandolfini Estate

Villa Pandolfini’s foundations date back to 1200. The original use of the palace was a hunting residence for the elite Florentine Gentile’s. The origin’s of the Pandolfini’s was near "Ponte A Signa" and from ancient times they owned this villa and the other villa called on the Arno known as “La Torre” (the tower) that even today conserves the aspects of a 1300’s walled castle. Agnolo di Filippo, great friend of Cosimo de’ Medici and admired by Leon Battista Alberti, tired and old retired in the villa of Ponte A Signa for 12 years, here he wrote the brilliant dialogues of the governing of the family and died at 86 years of age in 1446. In 1434 the formers wealthy nephew Battista di Pandolfini returned in patria from Naples and gave the initial magnificent architecture to his villa at Ponte A Signa, honoured by the king of France Carlo VIII on the 13th of November 1495. Pandolfini has been engraved with the date 1488 which is believed to be the date of the full restoration of this antique palace. The linear and harmonious architecture, the beautiful loggia, richly carved windows, the perfect sculpture of the stonework , reflects the work of the famous Bendedetto da Rovezzano. King Carlo VIII of France visited the castle from childhood. Since the 14th century nothing was changed or hardly confirmed by Giuseppe Zocchi. At the beginning of the 18th century the Pandolfini’s sold their antique villa to the family Samminiatelli which immediately resold the villa to the De Prat’s exiled from France after the revolution.


This beautiful country estate is located 14 kms from the Florence centre. Trains, buses and all shops within walking distance and close to all major highways. Stroll down and buy your fresh bread or morning cappucino and feel like a local!! The area is full of great restaurants , family owned wineries and small farms producing olive oil. Close by you can buy hand painted ceramics and see them being painted. Throughout the year the little villages and towns scattered through Tuscany celebrate 'sagre' which give visitors a perfect opportunity to share in this unique experience. We will happily give you advice on events taking place in the area. You are 20mins to Montecatini, famous for the thermal spas and many shops and cafes, 40 mins to Pisa , Lucca or Siena 60 mins to Bologna, Forte Dei Marmi, Volterra, San Gimignano, Cortona or Arezzo etc.

Valentina's CottageValentina Cottage accommodates 2-4 people. This is an intimate and peaceful cottage that has been fully restored to its original charm. It is enclosed by a stonewalled garden that offers complete privacy La castagnaTuscany countryside apartment in Malmantile, Italy with swimming pool a part of a large private magestic villa. Apartment La Castagna is part of a large privately owned villa perched on a hilltop in the Tuscan countryside of Malmantile.


SellinaVilla Sellina is surrounded by the tranquil landscape of the vineyards, olive groves and small medieval towns like Lastra a Signa or Ginestra Fiorentina, amidst the Tuscan hills. CarusoApartment rentals near Florence, Italy in Lastra A Signa. The ‘Caruso Apartment’ is located on the first floor of an Italian family home approximately 10 kms from the Florence city center.