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Bolgheri is a beautiful town situated in the heart of the Etruscan coast. It is famous for its Viale dei Cipressi (Avenue of Cypresses), described so eloquently in the poem by the Giosue Carducci, the first Italian poet to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.

The cultivation of wines was traditionally on a household scale being that Bolgheri is a seaside town. However, owing to its high standards, Bolgheri is still famous for the wines it produces. This includes the development of Sassacaia and Tignanello, utilising the Super Tuscan tradition.

In 1994, the creation of Bolgheri Rosso and Rosso Superiore showed the recognition of international grapes. These Tuscan red wines are international blends including Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Merlot and Sangiovese – leading to worldwide recognition for the excellent quality of its wines.

More than just a wine producer, Bolgheri is a picturesque location. There is a beautiful castle made with red bricks that creates a beautiful contrast of colours with the green olive trees and the cypresses that surround the castle.

A tour this region will encompass visiting the famous wineries in the area, along with tastings of their exclusive wines.

Rates (Per Person): Full Day Tour

No.of PersonsPrices per person
2 € 445
Upto 4 € 370
Upto 8 € 310

Please note that the rate mentioned here includes a pick-up and drop-off in Florence. Driver can be arranged to pick you from the place you stay in any region within Tuscany and the respective rates will be quoted separately.

Every additional hour over the included 8 hour service will be charged at 40 euro ( 2 pax), 50 euro ( 4 pax) & all other size groups 60 euro per hour extra.

Please note that all prices above are quoted considering a pick up and drop off in Florence. We can organise for the driver to come to your villa or accommodation in other areas of Tuscany and prices will be quoted seperately upon request.

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