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Single & Multi Day Cooking Classes

What better way to experience the Tuscan culture than through its wonderful food and outstanding wines. Spend a fun filled day in our kitchens with us learning the art of fresh pasta making or rolling the softest gnocchi you have ever tasted. We only offer seasonal produce which varies greatly during the year such as stuffed zucchini blossoms or the most pungent bright green pesto in the summer made with the tastiest basil and fresh cheeses. In Autumn and winter Tuscany offers chestnuts which are great for stuffing the game birds such as guinea fowl and pheasant which are plentiful at this time of year, bright orange pumpkins fantastic for stuffing the ravioli or lasagna, in soups of even as gnocchi. The black cabbage, countless dishes using the famous tuscan white beans, hearty soups, roast lamb and wild boar thats been simmered in red wine and cooked over a slow fire for hours.. The list goes on and on.

Tuscan food in its philosophy is simple and hearty and uses only the best ingredients. Originating from the pheasants, as most of Tuscany was poor many dishes still today are based on traditions spanning many many centuries. Great examples of these are the 'panzanella' bread salad in summer or the rich 'ribollita' soup in the colder months.

Our cooking classes are held in one of two kitchens both located on a private estate called the 'Villa Pandolfini' just outside of Florence. The owners still carry on the tradition of olive oil and wine making and both of these wonders you will have the opportunity to enjoy in the classes. Our chefs are hand selected by us and come from a variety of backgrounds. They all speak english though are Tuscan born and just love to share with you not only their skill in the kitchen to recreate these wonderful recipes with you but also lots of laughs and many tips and extra tricks... lost of them passed down through generations of their own familes. The classes are extremely informative and full of learning and practical time. You are encouraged to get involved and get your hands dirty so to speak but for those more timid participants if you would like to sit back, enjoy a glass of wine and learn by watching then thats also fine. We can handle larger groups utilizing the two kitchens and can combine a cooking class with a wine appreciation course to create a complete day. We also offer the central markets fresh food tour before a cooking class which is a great way to experience a true Florentine tradition. This will be guided either by your chef or our professional guide as they share with you all of the intriguing products discovered in this busy and colourful marketplace. You have the chance to taste many of the great cheeses, oils, balsamic vinegars and other great delicacies before jumping on our minibus and being transported to the villa to start your class.

A Taste of Tuscany

4 hour introduction class - EURO 140 per person.

The Tastes of Tuscany Class is an introduction to traditional Tuscan cuisine and the preparation of a classical meal from the antipasto, first course (usually fresh pasta with a sauce), second course accommpanied by a vegetable dish and then of course dessert. We are happy to take requests and to customize the menus to suit everyone the best we can.

Full Flavours Class

5 hour Immersion class - EURO 190 per person.

The Full Flavours Class is a 5 course class and can include but not limited to authentic Tuscan antipasti, fresh pasta making, the colouring and flavouring of pasta and stuffed pastas such as ravioli. We can also cover gnocchi making techniques and sauces, perfect risotto's starting from the broth making, crepes which are a savoury Tuscan favourite or tuscan soups. Then for the main course; meats which could also include stuffing the meat and/or preparation of local game, a vegetable dish and last but not least a scrumptious dessert. The course is 5 hours and allows more time to explore more techniques and to prepare more dishes. In total 5 courses for lunch so go easy on the breakfast! The true Italian way.... you will wonder how they fit it all in.

Multi Day Courses

For those of you wanting a more intense culinary experience we can organize as many days as you like with us in our kitchens, either with or without accommodation on the estate. For those that participate in 3 classes or more the price is reduced from EURO190 to EURO 175 per person per day for the 5 hour classes. We typically do not do multi day classes of the 4 hour course as those coming for a few days are wanting the most time in the kitchen as possible. Your menus will change each day so you will walk away with at least 15 dishes under your belt and many tricks and alternatives after spending so much time with the chefs.

Fresh Food Market Tour

Please also mention in your enquiry if you would like to participate in this 2 hour tour before your cooking class. The cost is €45 per person. Confirmed bookings will be based on availability of the chef and also other boookings taken. Sometimes if you are wanting to do this last minute it is too difficult to change the start time of the class with all of the other participants. To allow for the market tour the class start time is an hour later.

The cooking classes are offered almost nearly every weekday and then on weekends on request. Dietary requirements can normally be catered to as well as larger groups. You do not need to be an experienced cook to enjoy either of these classes. The instruction is clear, the atmosphere relaxed and you can be as hands on or as 'sit back and watch while enjoying some wine' as you like. The chefs share with you invaluable tricks and advice... most passed down to them by mothers or grandmothers. The fee for both classes includes a recipe book with over 100 recipes. The Full Flavours class also includes the signature apron. Transport from Florence can be arranged for an extra charge of EURO10 per person round trip. Extra virgin olive oil, local ceramics and Chianti wine can also be purchased after the course. Children are also welcome.

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