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A Gastronomical Tour of Florence - Walking Tour

Half day Tour - 3 hours

Our guide will meet you at your hotel or a designated spot and we will begin our warm and cozy journey exploring the culinary delights of Florence. We will wander through cobbled streets filled with small shops stocking authentic Florentine gastronomical delights. We will sample the best they have to offer.

Tucked away in one of the oldest areas of Florence is a one of the best stocked supermarket filled with gourmet goods ranging from caviar, to truffles, to a mind boggling variety of chocolates and wines. We will go past the lovely Duomo on our way to visit a butcher and a local famous patisserie. We will experience first hand a typical day in the life of the local Italian.

We will also see how Italians drink coffee standing in a bar. We will also see how many locals have a creamy pastry and cappuccino every morning and yet we will see that most of them manage to remain fit and healthy. Our guide will share with you the secret and inside truths of how Italians eat well and live well and yet are not fat.

After the tasty stop at the patisserie we will proceed towards the quarter of Florence called "San Lorenzo". Here you will find vendors selling handbags, leather jackets, assorted handicrafts as well as see family run businesses like bakeries and delicatessens. Amidst all this hustle and bustle we will give you the unique experience of visiting a typical fresh produce market of Italy. With its origins dating back to 1865, this bustling market has seen many visitors who stayed a while to sample and enjoy its wares. It will be a delight to browse through the stalls offering meats, fish, cheeses, bread, olive oil, wines and fresh flowers. You can sample typical Florentine and Italian gastronomical delights and ship some of the produce to your home as some vendors offer these facilities.

This is the ideal spot to finish the tour. You can have a traditional lunch here if you wish and rub shoulders with the local populace including bankers, truck drivers, local merchants, doctors or even fellow tourists. There are many spots to dine in both inside the market and in the areas surrounding the market.

Bon appetite or should we say Buon Appetito?


60 € per hour for a minimum of 3 hours

If you can spend a full-day with us, you can take our full-day Gastronomic trip and enjoy a whole day in experiencing the classic delights of Florence.

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