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Hot Air Balloon Ride with a Champagne Breakfast

Your adventure will start early in the morning with the exact time to be determined by the time of year and the weather conditions. You meet the balloon operator at the lift off point , which is normally in Chianti r very close to Florence . You will have to reach the lift off point normally by 6-7.00 a.m. And it is easily reached from both North and South. Safety is the number one priority so we fly only on the calmest weather conditions, and the pilot has the final decision. The balloon ride will last anywhere up to an hour and a half. After landing enjoy a lovely Tuscan breakfast with ‘Prosecco’ that is the Tuscan version of champagne, pastries, hams, cheese, only the best Tuscan products. After this you will be taken back to the lift off point where your car will be parked.

If you do have your own transport , after the balloon ride you can take a drive through the Chianti countryside. If you don’t have your own car but would like to do this, please ask us to quote you on the cost of having your own personal driver and we can create a lovely day for you.


The hot air balloon rides are strictly restricted in numbers and availability is based on a first-come basis. Please contact us to request availability, and if possible also provide alternative dates, the number of people, ages and any other information that you think may be helpful. Please also include all of your contact information. We will email you upon receipt, and hold your reservation for 48 hours, pending your final decision. Reservations will be final on confirmation of availability and receipt of the deposit.


The Hot Air Balloon flight and the champagne breakfast in Tuscany costs € 280 per person. Discounts can be availed on a group of six or more. If you decide to cancel, once we have received your signed form, then you will lose your deposit amount. Any cancellation received less than 48 hours beforehand will carry a 50% cancellation fee and your card will be charged. Any 'no show' on the day will carry a 100% fee and your credit card will be charged. Cancellations due to bad weather will receive a full refund and we will do our best to reschedule the date for you.

Personal Insurance: You are required to have a valid travel insurance policy or a healthcare insurance with international coverage.


The personalized rides are limited in numbers and availability. The bookings are taken in first-come-first-serve basis only. So please provide two or more convenient dates, number of persons and ages, along with your other contact details.

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