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Maremma Tour

Up to the nineteenth century Maremma was considered a dangerous area with lots of marshland and wild territory but today is a popular holiday spot since it offers so much to the tourist. Today Maremma has become a much sought after destination for its scenic coastline, sprawling hills, wild and natural forests filled with pinewoods.

It is also becoming famous for its vineyards and olive groves and its delicious cuisine. Nature at her best and lovely Italian food and wine? What else does the traveller require for a blissful holiday?

We will start the tour round 8.30 am from your hotel or villa. We will travel in a south west direction through Montenegro’s hill till we reach the ancient breath taking and beautiful Castle of Montepo. We will explore Jacopo Biondi Santi’s extensive vineyards. The vineyards produce a distinctive and popular wine called "Morellino di Scansano". Some people consider this rich red wine as "Tuscany’s best kept secret". They also produce the Super Tuscan Wine called "Schidione". This ruby red dry wine has an intense aroma and complex bouquet.

The opportunity to visit the ancient and beautiful castle, with its deep cellars and to taste the wine in such ambient surroundings will be an experience you will cherish for a long time.

After spending some quality time at the castle we will go for a relaxing drive along the Tuscan coast admiring the Mediterranean Sea till we reach the port of Castiglione della Pescaia. This picturesque village stands like a jewel in the Tuscan coast. It has a beautiful medieval castle and pristine beaches where nature and mankind live in harmony as seagulls’ songs welcome the fisherman as they return home.

We will have a simple but very tasty lunch filled with the freshest and most wholesome seafood and some lovely local wine. As we dine we will enjoy the scenic beauty of our surroundings.

After lunch we will go for a long and relaxing walk on the beach. After that we will head back to your hotel or villa by late afternoon.

We can draw up a personalized itinerary for you outlining all the other tours we offer in Tuscany. We would also appreciate your feedback as we are just an email away for you.

Rates (Per Person): Full-day Tour

No.of PersonsPrices per person
2 € 290
Up to 4 € 225
Up to 8 € 185
Up to 14 € 155

Every additional hour over the included 8 hour service will be charged at 40 euro ( 2 pax), 50 euro ( 4 pax) & all other size groups 60 euro per hour extra.

Please note that all prices above are quoted considering a pick up and drop off in Florence. We can organise for the driver to come to your villa or accommodation in other areas of Tuscany and prices will be quoted seperately upon request

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