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Olive Oil Excursion

Half-day Tour

Fossils of olive oil plants have been found in Tuscany, in the area of Livorno, which have been dated back to 20 million years ago. Actual production of olive oil probably began about 5 million years BC, however Italian cultivation of the olives themselves dates back to 300 years earlier. Termed as 'liquid gold' by Homer, olive oil is used for a multitude of purposes, from perfumes, cosmetics, medicine, and even sport - with the early Olympians being known to have rubbed olive oil on their skin! Then of course, there is the marvelous culinary uses of the oil.

Italy is one of two main olive oil producing countries in the world (the other being Spain), and the Tuscan region in particular is known for its marvelous assortment of olive oils produced.

To learn more about olive oil, we have arranged an excursion that provides you with insight into the fascinating methods of olive oil production that have been practiced through the ages.

Your driver will collect you from your accommodation in Florence, before driving you throughout the marvelous Tuscan hills to an olive mill set in a 17th century Villa, where you will tour the olive grove and the onsight vineyard, be shown the olive plants that produce the oil, learn about the historical and more modern production methods, and of course, get to the taste the delectable results whilst being explained the specific tasting notes of the oils!

After your olive oil visit, your driver will transport you through the spectacular Greve in Chianti area to see the breathtaking undulating Tuscan landscape before returning you to your accommodation. The entire adventure will last for 4 hours. We are also able to offer this tour as part of a full-day (8 hour) day, which would also include a wine tasting.

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