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Biking Week on 25th June

Have you ever imagined tasting and living the bella vita in Italy, but you didn't know how to avoid being a mere tourist going through a whirlwind race from museum to museum, and seeming to just skim the surface of what you sense could be a very special encounter? Tuscany has been a land of colors, flavors and people to which travelers and artists, writers, and lovers have been compelled to come over centuries to refind lost peace, reignite inspiration, learn how to slow down and taste life.

This one-week course will give you the gift of following that passion, the desire you feel to be an artist for a day, a week, a lifetime, time set aside just for you to listen, see and learn to paint, draw, and perceive on a whole new level.

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The antidote to living in a far too left-brained world, Italy and in particular Tuscany has been soul food for the right brain as well as the stomach and heart and soul, and rewarding centuries of the pilgrims and travelers who come from all walks of life. The inner artist calls us to refind the joy in ordinary moments as we see them transformed through the timeless language of color, line, shape, form, light in the very womb of the Renaissance: Tuscany.

From absolute beginner to experienced artists who want to further develop their work and set aside time for new inspiration or to hone new techniques, this course is made for you. You will share with fellow guests a sense of adventure and the desire to go off the guidebook schedule to create real encounters with the culture that will stay with you a lifetime. You'll come empty-handed and leave with your own artwork in finished paintings and drawings and a sketchbook full of inspiration, eyes more opened to the beauty around you, and a sense of the joy and peace of little things done and appreciated well.

You will be guided by the expertise and gifts of an internationally-exhibited artist whose enthusiasm is matched by an inspiring and thorough, supportive and liberating teaching approach which honors your creativity and unique vision while following your lead in helping you learn and explore real, concrete techniques developed by the Masters and appreciate the gifts of the imagination and symbolism of the medieval heritage while you learn in the outdoor classroom of olive groves and rolling Tuscan hillsides dotted with dark cypress trees, or on the very streets walked by artists like Giotto, Masaccio, DaVinci, and Michelangelo, learning and creating right alongside them and the masterpieces you'll see and draw from firsthand.

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