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Tuscan Wine Tasting Course

Our courses are given in the marvelous Estate of Villa Pandolfini, using the historical archives and the cellars where the wine is actually made. The teacher is a Doctor of Agronomy specialized in Enology, Dott. Stefano Tofanelli.

Course A (Wine Tasting Course emphasized on Tuscan wines)

  • Wine tasting kit will be provided.
  • Visit to the vineyard with briefing on various type of wines grapes, climates and soil.
  • Back in the cellar: A bit of history on the wine and how the wine was made and used.
  • Visit the wine cellar (Briefing on wine making process)
  • The mechanic of serving the wine (glasses, bottles, corks, corkscrews and various paraphernalia).
  • How to taste the wine? (Including the usage of the Aroma Wheel)
  • Principle of food and wine matching.
  • Buying wine for your cellar (Wine Selection Techniques)
  • Tuscan Wines Sampled: Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti, Carmignano Riserva, Vino Noblie di Montepulciano.


This wine tasting course on Tuscan Wines lasts four hours and is charged €175/ participant

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